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Warhammer 40k Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

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Finally there’s Litany of the Electromancer, which lets you drop mortal wounds on every enemy unit within 6″ of a CULT MECHANICUS unit from your army. Paired with the leadership debuff from a unit of Sicarian Infiltrators, this could be anywhere from a mild annoyance, to shutting down your opponent’s plans entirely. It heavily incentivizes you to try and keep the enemy back so they suffer gradual chip damage from the detachment ability, and rewards you for combining Battleline Skitarii with more specialized helpers. Delve into the mechanical heart of the Adeptus Mechanicus with the comprehensive Codex, detailing the might of Mars' legions and their forge world domains.

I always just wondered if they made a Dark Mechanicus book would it be this annoying to play against? To get into position to unleash that shooting, the new version of Aggressor Imperative is worth a look, providing auto-Advances of 6” to Skitarii, and having the same trick of bouncing onto a nearby non-Battleline Skitarii unit in concert. Each roll of a 5+ does a mortal wound and you get +1 to the result if the enemy is within 6″ of an Electro-Priest. The Cohort Cybernetica provides you with seriously powered-up Kastelan Robots , while the Tech-priests of the Data-psalm Conclave exhort the Cult Mechanicus to eradicate their foes.

More on that in the Stratagems section below, but it’s something you should keep in mind while seeing what else this detachment has to offer. While within range on your Acquisition objective, each phase you can change either a Hit, Wound, or Save to an unmodified 6. Simply take this on a Tech-Priest, park them on a nearby Acquisition objective, and get an extra CP each turn on a 4+. Their stratagems all just make their robots/vehicles better so if you are into rolling around with vehicles and robots this is the detachment for you.

I think you probably still end up on Procession a lot of the time, and dip into this via the inevitable mode-switching Enhancement – Data-Blessed Autosermon lets you have both active on a unit once per game. Things improved a little bit with the fall dataslate, but Admech players have been waiting months now for a full overhaul of their army which might give them more variety and a detachment rule worth playing.

With the volume of changes present in this codex to their datasheets, we fully expect that there will be an update to the points in the MFM and the Codex similar to the one released for Codex: Space Marines. They always feel like a weird unit where they could be paying for the nonsense they did a few editions ago. The one exception to this is that taking a single Stratoraptor looks reasonably plausible in this detachment, and since they have no native Invulnerable save you might blow this in a pinch. It’s maybe still not phenomenal but it’s the first Index detachment ability we’ve seen get a (fairly huge) buff, and that’s got to count for something right?

Coming in at a whopping 2CP, you’ve got Binharic Offence which improves the AP of all weapons in two Skitarii units, in either the fighting or shooting phase, but both of those units must target the same enemy unit. This detachment is loaded with enhancements and stratagems that let you be where your opponent doesn’t want you to be, and shrug off attacks should bring you down. If you’ve never been on the receiving end of an Omnipulus it, on average , killed about five and a half 2W marines each time it shot, regardless of cover or invulnerable saves.

With their attacks being twin-linked, that gives each of their lascannon shots a 97% chance of wounding. This is a good thing, as there was obviously a thought on how to clean things up and make units good. Those days are long-gone my friend, but the Skitarii Hunter Cohort is a flashback to those blessed and cursed days. This is ace as you can now potentially steal objectives by getting a quick unit of Sicarians in to strip the OC off them!

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. As expected all their strats effect vehicles and cybernetica units, with things such as increasing charges, making units able to fall back and shoot with no penalties, or gaining feel no pain saves. At the start of each battle round, the player can choose to have either the Protector Imperative or the Conqueror Imperative active.

This is an involved process of collecting Location Data from Crusade battles, as you perform scans and gather clues – the perfect task for an Explorator Maniple .

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